Live to die another day Trophy Tips
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Author:  kittykuma [ Wed Jul 30, 2014 7:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Live to die another day Trophy Tips

Took me awhile to get this trophy, more than 4 hours practicing and retrying. really a tough one.
The tips I noticed for making this trophy a bit easy is:
    1. using a ship with high boost is essential and Phobos type weapon useful to take down "Sentinels" the giant bomb looking device. My ship status is 5-9-1 when I get the trophy
    2. try to effectively using your boost kill. focus on those enemy who will split after been shot with regular weapon. "Cube" for example. those enemy can be easily one-shot by boost.
    3. try to collect as many bombs as possible and only use them when you have no where to evade and neither boost and overdrive are charged.
    4. focus all fire power on the "bomb Sentinels" once they spawn, stay close to it to fully utilize your phobos fire power. kill the Sentinel will instantly advance you to the next stage.
    5. still need bunch of luck to crack this trophy. So Good luck! ;)

my trophy play-through Vids:

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