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Watch Dogs

Release Date: May 27, 2014
Genre: Action Adventure
Developer: Ubisoft
Review by: dragjae55

Oh boy this game, ok I’m going to be completely honest with this one. First though sorry about this late review I kept forgetting to do this. The game is about a guy named Aiden Pearce; he was trying to do a big hacking job and didn’t go as planned. The result was his niece dying so he goes and finds the people responsible. Little did he know his sister and nephew is also at risk thanks to him finding killers. Story isn’t that long was able to beat it in 3 days and it doesn’t get interesting until the last few missions. Side missions and mini games makes the game seem more fun but almost all of them you only get to do it offline.

Main Characters of the game.


The driving could have been a whole lot better. You can manage it a little bit, but there will be that annoying thing to tick you off. Cannot shoot out of cars when you’re the driver, which is somewhat of a downer. Hacking cameras, people’s calls, bank accounts, ATM’s & more seems fun for a little bit. You never have to worry about money because you get paid so much and your ammo gets refilled. Only things to buy is cars(you can steal them) parts for blackouts and jammers and lure(noise machines to distract people)

My First Glance Video review of Watch Dogs


I’m not going to talk about online because that is crap sucks so bad……$68 million or something like that and has host migration. If you are able to get into a decent room or private room only can do 3 game modes. Free roam, Decryption, and Racing decryption is guarding a package either it’s a free for all with up to 8 players or 4v4.

Normal Day of Watch Dogs online , Holly crap! A flying UPS delivery Truck at 2:02 lol


Before I get to my final saying I’ll just mention the trophies, there is only a few that almost make me stop playing the game period.

  • Traced: Get tailed 5 times
  • Disk Space Full: Unlock every song with the SongSneak app
  • Social Lubricant: Complete level 10 against all 3 Drinking Game opponents

Getting tailed would have been much easier if the online servers worked don’t know if they patched it.
Unlocking every song is annoying/luck base because a few of those songs, you have to hack people to get them.
The drinking game…..I don’t want to talk about that crap anymore……still haunts me.


Play at your own risk.

  • Graphics: 4/10
  • Gameplay: 4/10
  • Story: 4/10

Overall Score: 4.0 /10



Aug 9th 2014


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