Remember Me

Release Date: June 4, 2013
Genre: Action Adventure
Developer: DONTNOD Entertainment
Review by: dragjae55

Let me first start off by saying this….thank you PS+ for giving me this game for “free” because it I paid full price I would have been a little bit upset. Story is you lose your memory and trying to get back while finding out what the hell is going on. Remember Me is similar to Mirrors Edge in terms of parkour I will explain why this game isn’t worth the full price towards the end but let’s start off with the good.

When I first started didn’t take me long to notice the similarity between ME and this…..at first it started off slow until I got to do a memory remix. Memory Remix is exactly how it sounds, you change something from the person’s past to affect them at the present. Here are a few videos to show you guys what I mean.

It was an accident

Always keep your eyes on the road

The music is very great It won an award for best original soundtrack it will really get you into the battle and wanting to listen to it again. It’s only at the boss fights where the music is good to me everything else was about average. With Kid X-mas the last part of the battle and same with the Zorn battle music was the best.

Best music starts at 1:30

Fun starts at 6:30

Now it’s time to say the annoying parts of this game combat system was just blah feels like you wasn’t doing anything at all unless you use those special powers (I’ll let you guys find out about this since they are cool). Running this on memory hunter, hardest difficulty did bring a challenge, but most of the time you die by cheap shots so keep your finger on the dodge button like this.

Always remember to dodge at all times

The final boss isn’t that much hard it’s just the camera angle REALLY SUCKED, so I was dealing with that for almost 2hrs and had to keep changing up my combos on a side note always change them and if you don’t get to a save point remember to always change them again. I wanted to platinum this, but deal with all the issues again isn’t worth it to me. For the trophy hunters try and get all of them in 1 play through or if you can deal with it finish the last few on easy.

The camera angle sucks!

As of now it’s still free for ps plus but if you don’t have plus and find this game for about $30 or around there it’s great. I mean the story, remixes, parkour and music is awesome, but be warned about the dull combat system, annoying camera angle, dying by stuff that never hit you or doesn’t make sense etc.

  • Game play: 6/10
  • Music: 10/10
  • Story 8/10

Overall Score: 7.0 /10



April 3rd 2014


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