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Hello, kittykuma here, the CTO (Chief Trolling Officer) of this website MiOopinion.com, read as "My Own Opinion.com". The major purpose of this website is for gamers to share gaming experience and write their own review about games they played.

You might wonder why I build this website. The thing is I was trying to build my own game review website for awhile, but kinda lack of web design skill(taking web design class now). And the major barrier is my crappy English. I'm Chinese, with English as my 2nd language, I am so afraid of expressing myself in English. And literature has always been a weak point of me, even for my mother language. So If you can't understand what I'm trying to say, please bear with me. lol

Ok, here is the reason why I trying to build my own game review site. As a gamer since 3rd gen video game console, played hundreds of games if not thousands, I feel the game industry is going down-slope in recent years. Technology developed for sure, we are all amazed by the stunning graphics nowadays "toys" can offer, but games been losing their original purpose here, which is supposed to make people laugh and enjoy them and having fun.

More and more games, especially if they are sequel to AAA titles, are losing their quality. The developers keep reusing resources from the original title to reduce production span, thus creating games lacking innovative and creative elements. Games become a milking business. And we gamers become the cows. :(

It's time for us gamers to stand up and say "No" to this milking business model, and speak out what we think if we feel game publishers are lazy on putting effort to deliver quality games.


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